Our services

A free consultancy operating in compliment to the range of services. We will offer the best solutions, advice and alternatives to you within 24 hours, absolutely free.

Our Services are designed to become an Integral Component
of our Client’s Efficient International.

Full integrated Customs and Excise Support systems functioning through the network of logistics and managed by a crew of highly professional and trained personal.  This department effectively manages documentation, procedures and processes for effective expediting.

Logan Freight Logistics is an accredited Clearing and Forwarding Agent of Customs and Excise.  Being accredited Agent as well as use of EDI Gateway ensures reputable and efficient Services.

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Road Freight

Rail Freight

Our services include the following –

  • Drawing up of Customs Declaration “Bill of Entry”
  • Payment of Port Charges
  • Payment of Freight and Shipping Line Charges
  • Transportation Solutions – efficient and affordable
  • By Road or rail, Land or Over Border
  • Road Bond Facilities
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Bonded Warehouse Facilities
  • Customs Supervision
  • OPEN WAREHOUSING – As an extension of our services to our valuable customers, we also offer open storage for very reasonable rates.
  • CONTAINER PACKING AND UNPACKING – Our Warehouse is equipped with modern equipment, which gives us the capacity to pack and unpack containers at reasonable rates.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL TEAM THAT HANDLES THE IMPORT AND EXPORT of used vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks for delivery into African Countries using our own road bond facilities. This division offers a very efficient and personalized service to our many satisfied customers from all over Africa.

Our Services include:

  • Drawing up of Customs Declaration “Bill of Entry”
  • Payment of Port Charges
  • Payment of Freight and Shipping Line Charges
  • Road Bond Facilities
  • Bonded Warehouse Facilities

Our warehousing facilities are capable of handling many thousand ton of cargo. The consolidation of cargo, treating, packaging, for onward export to any destination worldwide.  We have the skill and equipment to specialize in the packing / unpacking of vehicles in Containers.  Our Warehouse service supports inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services in a way that improves inventory management, reduces total operating costs and improves cycle times.  Our facilities offer our customers warehousing that is fully integrated into a wider supply chain and meets demanding service levels.  This encompasses the design implementation and operation for both dedicated and multi user sites.  Benefits include improvements in –

  • Customer service levels
  • Stock accuracy
  • Lead Times
  • Redundant stock costs
  • Productivity responsiveness to a Company’s strategic needs.

The safety of your goods is insured by stringent security measures, which includes 24-hour security services and secured premises. Fully bonded facilities are available to facilitate the efficient transit of cargo worldwide without being subject to Customs and Excise requirements while still in transit. This facility sees the transit of many thousand tons of cargo daily.