Our Comprehensive Services

At Logan Freight Logistics, we are committed to providing top-tier freight and logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our extensive range of services ensures that every aspect of your supply chain is covered, offering seamless, efficient, and reliable transportation of your goods, globally. Here’s how we can serve you:

Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding
Navigating the complexities of customs regulations and freight forwarding, we offer unparalleled expertise to ensure your cargo complies with all international laws and regulations, guaranteeing a smooth transit. Our accredited status with Customs and Excise, along with our advanced EDI Gateway usage, underscores our commitment to providing efficient and reputable services.

Transportation Solutions
We specialize in offering diverse and efficient transportation solutions tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s by Sea, Air, Road or Rail, our team ensures your cargo is transported safely and arrives on time. Our network is designed to provide cost-effective and flexible options, ensuring your freight’s optimal routing.

Cross Border Abnormal Transportation

At Logan Freight Logistics, we specialize in providing efficient and reliable cross-border abnormal transportation services. Whether you require the transportation of vehicles, containers, abnormal, break bulk, hazardous or project cargo, our experienced team is equipped to handle your unique requirements with precision and care. We understand the complexities involved in transporting abnormal loads across borders, and our team is trained to navigate regulatory requirements seamlessly. With access to specialized equipment and a network of trusted partners, we ensure that your abnormal cargo reaches its destination safely and on schedule. Our comprehensive understanding of cross-border regulations and permits enables us to facilitate smooth and compliant transportation processes. From obtaining necessary permits to coordinating with border authorities, we handle all aspects of regulatory compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business activities with confidence.

Warehousing and Distribution
Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities are equipped to handle thousands of tons of cargo. From consolidation, treating, and packaging to specialized services like packing/unpacking of vehicles in containers, we manage your goods with precision. Our bonded warehousing options further facilitate the efficient transit of cargo globally, adhering to the highest standards of security and care.

Import and Export Services
We excel in the import and export of goods, including specialized services for used vehicles, containers, abnormal, break bulk, hazardous or project cargo destined for African countries. Leveraging our road bond facilities, we ensure your imports and exports are managed efficiently, with all necessary customs declarations, port charges, and freight and shipping line charges expertly handled.

Vehicle Clearing Specialists
Our dedicated team offers personalized services for the import and export of used vehicles, including comprehensive support for customs declaration, payment of charges, and utilization of road bond facilities. We ensure a seamless process for vehicle clearance, catering to clients across Africa.

Open Warehousing and Container Services
To extend our comprehensive services, we offer open storage solutions at competitive rates and container packing/unpacking with modern equipment. Our capabilities ensure your cargo is managed with the utmost efficiency, from storage to transport.

Why Choose Logan Freight Logistics?

– **Expertise:** Over two decades of experience in the freight and logistics industry.
– **Personalized Service:** Tailored solutions that fit your specific logistics needs.
– **Efficiency:** State-of-the-art technology and a global network that ensures timely delivery.
– **Security:** Comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo.
– **Compliance:** Accredited by Customs and Excise, ensuring all operations meet regulatory standards.

At Logan Freight Logistics, we are dedicated to removing the complexities of global logistics for our clients, ensuring your goods are delivered on time, every time. Let us be your logistics partner of choice, where your business needs are met with expert solutions and exceptional care. Contact us today to learn how we can support your logistics and transportation needs.

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